Re-keying data from ACORD Applications is time consuming, costly, and inefficient.


MGAs, Wholesalers, and Carriers receive ACORD Apps daily.

  • Some agencies have their insurance management systems print or email ACORD Apps
  • Others use hand-written ACORD Apps which are sent to the Carrier/MGA by fax or email
  • Large amount of time is spent re-entering this data on the Carrier/MGA side


PrintQuote eliminates the need for Re-Keying of ACORD Apps.

How PrintQuote Works?

PrintQuote API

PrintQuote can be seamlessly integrated by all Agency Management Systems, Insurance Carrier systems, Web Portals and Web Aggregation platforms.

MGAs, Wholesalers and Carriers can now convert all ACORD forms into soft data / XML which can be pushed into any system to aggregate data, generate quotes, bind policies and remarket the risk without re-entering the data.

How does it work?

When an agency/ producer sends ACORD forms via email, fax or uploads ACORD forms through a web portal. We can call the printQuote API on the fly and the data is automatically extracted by the PrintQuote into ACORD XML. We can then pass the XML into any Carrier/MGA's information system. This process is quick and seamless.

In the event that some hand-written ACORD forms cannot be extracted, the application is forwarded to PrintQuote processing center for a quick turnaround.

Benefits of PrintQuote

  • No more keying in of ACORD Apps into your Insurance software systems
  • Save time and expense
  • PrintQuote converts all your ACORD Forms from your agency management system into BIG Data.
  • PrintQuote Big Data can help you create new growth opportunities. You have all the information you need to look for new markets.