New Business & Underwriting

  • Quoting New Business: Reduce the turnaround times (Rate: General Liability, Package, Commercial Auto, BOP, Work Comp and other Property and Casualty Lines of business)
  • New Business Submission and Clearance
  • MVR Reviews
  • Carrier and Online Rating
  • Work Comp New Submission Clearance
  • Work Comp Mod Retrieval
  • Work Comp task Assignment to Underwriting
  • Work Comp Issues (Sending Letters to Retailer like no FEIN, no Payroll, or submission prior to 90 days)
  • Personal Lines Processing
  • Clearance
  • Rating
  • Property Rating
  • GL Rating
  • Package Rating
  • Marshall & Swift Risk Meter
  • Carrier Online Rating
  • Commercial Underwriting Assistant Processing
  • We have experience working with over 70 P&C Carriers, all Agency Management Systems and Several Third Party Rating Systems such as NetRate

Renewals, Policy Administration and Policy Servicing

  • Processing Renewals (both in the management system and the carrier)
  • Billing: Audits and Endorsements
  • Cancellations & Re-instatements
  • Policy Issuance on Agency Management Systems and Carrier Systems
  • Claims Processing and Many more

Insurance Policy Check

Insurance policy administration and policy checking is a tremedous role and responsibility undertaken by insurance carriers. Right from the time an insurance company acquires a new customer, their business will continue to grow over time making the policies grow with them.

Our policy checking services include:

  • Reviewing the policy document for completeness and accuracy
  • Ensuring the policy matches with the proposal
  • In case of renewals, ensure that it policy matches the previous term policies
  • Recording any kind of variance based on findings of the review and more

Loss Run

Insurance agencies are always trying to claim loss runs from a prospective client or a new insurance agency. Time plays a very important role in this process of obtaining loss runs. There is a huge risk for agencies to be blocked out by the underwriter if these loss run reports are not obtained by them on time, as it is possible that some other agency might have received them and this can prove to be a huge loss for the current insurance agency.

Our key loss run services include:

  • Sending loss run requests to previous insurers and receiving reports
  • Pulling out loss run data for policy renewal
  • Analyzing loss run and preparing claims report
  • Sending claims report to underwriters
  • Notifying underwriters if loss run is not available

Quote Summary Services

Creating quotes and proposals is one of the most important yet tasking service for insurance companies. We take that burden off of your shoulders by allowing you to focus on more imprtant tasks such as building your business.

Our services include:

  • Summarizing Coverage Details We create a carrier-wise summary of insurance coverage, which includes premiums, liabilities, exclusions, deductibles, and various other important details
  • Creating Summary Tables Our team creates a comprehensive premium and commission summary table after carefully examining all the binding quotes that meet the evaluation and proposal requirements of the client
  • Spreadsheet Creation Our team is trained to provide detailed and well-structured spreadsheets which allow easy, side-by-side quote comparison of different insurance carriers


Insurance is a very complex industry that requires a high level of accuracy and efficiency when it comes to managing policy renewals, claims, and calculation of premiums. These are also one of the most time-consuming tasks for an insurance company. Our team specializes in providing complete insurance renewal and claims services which complies with the required quality standards and guidelines.

Our Renewals services offer:

Advance Tracking of Renewals: We help you stay ahead of the process when it comes to possible policy changes prior to the renewal date of the customer's insurance policy

Renewal Reminders and Summary Reports: We gather all necessary information and look after sending out automated renewal reminders to generate an accurate insurance renewal exposure summary.

Interaction with Carriers: We often handle acceptance of insurance renewal requests, and have frequent interactions with the carriers to ensure that the renewal requests are handled smoothly.